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  • Accessories

    Linear Power™ offers a complete line of accessories for your Linear Power™ amplifiers or other items as well as some fun gear you can enjoy.
    Click the pictures below to see details and specifications.

    PhotoItem #DescriptionDetailsPrice
    SPKC-4Speaker Connector (4 position removable plug-in style)Fits: Later model 302IQ, 452IQ, 652IQ, 952IQ, 992IQ, all 1502IQ, 4253IQ, 4503IQ, 4753IQ$22.00
    SPKC-2Speaker Connector (2 position plug-in style)Fits: 1001SW$18.00
    PWRH-1Power Harness (6 pin non-keyed female connector with wiring)Fits: Early model unkeyed pin arrangement fits model 401, 601, 90, 901, 150, 1501, 2601, 300, 3001, Early model 402, 602, 2120, 2602$22.00
    PWRH-2Power Harness (6 pin keyed female connector with wiring)Fits: Later model keyed pin arrangement, later models 402, 602, 2120, 2121, 2602$22.00
    BussSC1SC style industrial inline fuse holderwaterproof 4 gauge cable in/out$40.00
    BussSC2SC open mounted fuse holder4 gauge cable in/out$40.00
    BussSC35SC-35 amp fuseLarge diameter fiberglass encased silica cooled time delay fuse for 3002$22.00
    BussSC60SC-60 amp fuseLarge diameter fiberglass encased silica cooled time delay fuse for 5002, 5002IQ, 502HV, 3.2HV, 8002SW, and 4.1HVS$22.00
    ShirtT-Shirts (LINEAR POWER™) Various colors and styles, availability changes$20.00
    WDWBANVinyl Linear Power window StickerLarge Window Banner, 45 inches long, 8 inches tall!$20.00
    WDWBANVinyl Linear Power window StickerMedium Window Banner$15.00
    WDWBANVinyl Linear Power window StickerSmall Window Sticker$8.00

    Purchasing Linear Power™ Products

    Linear Power™ has a very strong comittment to supporting your local Authorized Dealers. We recommend purchasing products from your local retailer when possible. We understand that there isn't always an Authorized Dealer in your area. If this is the case, please contact us via email: or call (601) 932-8477 to speak to one of the Linear Power™ team. You may also request that a local retailer become a new Authorized Dealer and we will be happy to reach out to your favorite location.

    All accessories come with a 90 day minimum warranty, this warranty includes parts and workmanship, but excludes abuse (cosmetic or electrical) this includes liquid damage, misuse, tampering, unauthorized repairs, unauthorized modifications. Blown fuses are not covered under a warranty.

    Shipping is calculated according to your location at the time of the purchase and will be shipped UPS ground and fully insured, unless otherwise specified.

    Payment can be made by major credit card over the phone, or electronically through Paypal. Other accepted forms of payment are cashiers/bank check or money order, but you will have a postal delay. Personal or business checks are accepted but you are subject to a possible 15-day delay in processing and clearing of the check once the check arrives to us.

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