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    Let me start by saying I am not a car audio enthusiast, or at least I wasn't until I met Ray Rayfield and heard the system in his escape. But I'm getting ahead of myself,so let's go back 21 yrs ago when I met my husband Toby. He was into car audio when I met him and his obsession only grew as the years went on as did my annoyance of him buying audio gear every time I turned around. I can't tell you how many times I heard "this is it, this is the last system I am building" only to turn around when it's finished and not be satisfied with it and start all over again. 20 years of this and I was ready to choke him out with the cables he was pulling in and out of vehicles, that is until May 2015 when he called me outside to hear a demo from Ray. I was blown away by how good it sounded. It was so crisp and clean no matter the volume level or what kind of music you played on it. One of the big selling points for me was that you did not have to have a car full of equipment to achieve The high quality Music that it was producing, along with the fact that it's American-made. My husband was hoping that by hearing Rays escape I would hopefully finally understand his passion for car audio and what he's been trying to achieve all these years. Little did he know that after hearing it I not only understood what he was after but he had now created an audio monster in me.I had to have that in my car!! So now one year later both of our vehicles are outfitted with Linear Power.I cannot say enough good things about Ray Rayfield and the whole Linear power team. Not only do they build high quality products but their customer service is very personable and they will go above and beyond to meet your needs. I would definitely recommend Linear Power to anybody looking for a good high-quality sound.
    Christina Ellefson

    After 2 weeks of listening and tuning,(still not done,but are we ever), these Linear Power systems are exceeding expectations. I was introduced to the new LP at World Finals in 2014,and up to that point,i was a devoted fan of another brand. Getting the opportunity to listen to Ray Rayfield's Escape,changed my whole prespective,while listening to a Pink Floyd song that I thought I was more than familiar with,i was amazed at how much I had never heard before! Did they remaster the album and add this new content?! These amplifiers are transparent,yet have the power to deliver transients with upmost authority,effortlessly. And these door speakers,(6.5" drivers), what a impact! How does a 6.5" deliver subwoofer quality bass,while delivering life like midrange and vocals! And a tweeter thats as smooth as anything Ive ever experienced in life. Ray wasnt hesitant to roll the knob ,other manufacturers wouldnt offer demo's,yet here was Linear Power doing full blown,wide open demo's ,before being judged,this spoke volumes to me also,no babying equipment here,their equipment is not just for the lanes,its also built to handle everyday life. Bulletproof. Needless to say after my experience I had decided that night,that the equipment I had revelled,sought,and cherished for over 25 yrs just wouldnt satisfy my ear anymore. I liken it to listening to my older gear as putting a heavy curtain up in front of the speakers,clean but just not lifelike,Linear Power removed the curtain. So I decided that night,the old gear must go,...I sold off a collection of 20 amps,and various speaker sets,(attempts to get that sound i have sought for so long),and replace with a better product. Did I mention that Linear Power is made in these United States of America? That also had a big part in it,not mass produced stuff from China or elsewhere.since that day in Oct 14',its been a long road,we now have both vehicles outfitted with Linear Power amplifiers and speakers,(no processors from LP as of yet,but I will be onboard when they do materialize), and the chase of that sound Ive sought is over.
    Linear Power...
    If you've not experienced for yourself,treat yourself,your ears will thank you.
    ...Simply the best.
    Toby Ellefson
    Knoxville TN

    I've been into car stereo since before I got my driver's license back in 1987. I've been to IASCA shows way back when, and had a fairly serious stereo in my 1985 Camaro. Because of the Facebook Page "Old School and Rare Amplifiers and Equipment Car Audio" that I discovered a couple of years ago, after a near two decade hiatus, I got back into car stereos. I still had some of my original equipment from the 90's that I purchased, including MB Quart speakers including the infamous QM 25NX tweeters that were $350 a pair back in 1995, Quart mids, an original JL Audio 8W6, and all driven by PPI AM amplifiers. The "original" IASCA winning setup that was so common. It was so common, because that setup just straight *works*. Countless IASCA World Championships were won with equipment identical to mine. Because of that Old School page, I met a lot of friends that share the same passion. Theirs was reignited as well. It was decided that we have a meetup at the 2014 IASCA/MECA/USACi Combined World Finals in Nashville, TN. Time have really, really changed. Most of the installs were downright atrocious, and we all were in shock of the absolute state of the cars in the SPL lanes. On the inside of the building, in the SQ area, things were different. The installs were still high quality, and the cars still sounded good. I listened to a lot of cars that day. Cars with Mosconi, Brax and Helix amps. Cars with Morel Supremo, Hybrid Legatia and Focal Utopia speakers. They all sounded really, really good, but nothing I heard made me want to change anything about my setup. Until I heard the new Linear Power stuff. Sitting in Ray's Ford Escape, Mike Flanagan's Chevy Trailblazer and Keith's Payne's Toyota pickup was an eye opener that I just couldn't get over. Everything was just *perfect*, and they weren't even using $1000 DSP mystery boxes to get their cars to sound right. Ray was even using 100% factory locations for his speakers, including the factory sub box. My mind was totally, positively, and absolutely blown. Listening to those trucks made me do what the ever popular Mosconi/Focal setup couldn't do: Linear Power made me want to go out into the parking lot right then and there and rip my entire stereo out of my car and start again with Linear. It is just that good.
    Micheal Bloom
    Chapin SC

    You know, we all have preferences! for the last couple weeks I've been eating my words. Most people are afraid of change, I am. And today I can say that my favorite pair of mids ever (Dynaudio E650s) have been out classed in every way! I got a pair of the linear power lp6.5 components. And did a no change drop in swap and holy shit!!! That's all! Holy shit! These are fine tuned works of art!. Just because it looks generic don't mean it is! The whole setup is amazing. Just goes to show, don't knock it till you try it!!!LINEAR POWER has a knock out product line up!!! You get what you pay for, and I can tell you this stuff is amazing!!!
    Travis Duvall

    I have always been a huge fan of Linear Power. Back in the late 80's I had a chance to run one of their amps for a short time. I knew one day I would own at least one again.5 years ago I was very excited when I found that they were once again making amplifiers, as well as speakers. I am now the very lucky and proud owner of two of the LP2250s, one of the LP2075s, a set of 6.5s, and a 4" component set. The sound I experience out of these products is nothing short of spectacular! It is by far, the most dynamic, clean, concert like reproduction I have ever heard. When you hear, hold, and see the inside of the amps you can tell right away the amount of passion and care that goes into the products. They are designed and assembled by hand right here in the USA using the absolute best components available! If you ever need advice, to ask questions, or in the very rare case you need service, you can always pick up the phone or send an email and get a live, personal response. Linear Power is not only making one of the best products on the market, they are also operating in a professional, old school way, the way business should be done! It's rare in today's world. I highly recommend them for any of your car audio needs!"
    Southern California

    So, I FINALLY picked up a new LP2150, I have to say I've had a lot of fine amplifiers, being a dealer has it's perks. I am currently a dealer for a few upper end brands when it comes to amps. LINEAR POWER, Mosconi, Focal, Zapco, Helix, Brax, Phoenix Gold, and I've had a lot of old school stuff Rockford, old linear power, pg, ppi, hifonics, etc.
    These truly are a huge step above the old stuff and believe it or not, even the new stuff from other respected brands. My LP 2.2HV was truly a force to be reckoned with. This WAS hands down my favorite amp, there was nothing it did not do that wasn't amazing, until NOW! I've never heard an amp so clean, powerful, effortless, and detailed as the new LP2150. It also looks the part with a simple yet elegant beauty, I just need 3 more!!!
    It's a savage little animal of speaker destruction, it has so much reserve power. I am finding the limits of the speakers I tested the amp with but not the limits of the amp. Last night I was a/bing it against a very well known and respected high end amplifier. Needless to say it was night and day difference, things like details in bass lines you've never heard in music you've grown up listening to.
    I look at it like putting bass boats in the water right before a tournament, nice nitros and Rangers and then you show up in a blown fuel hydro! I feel bad for the nay Sayers that won't even give them a look, they will never know what they are missing. These are truly amazing and emotion arousing works of art. Awesome job goes out to the guys at LINEAR POWER!
    P.S.: these amps are truly amazing. For me to write a review is a feat in its own.
    Travis DuVall
    Payette Idaho

    Wow, what can I say? I've had the privilege of knowing several of the Linear Power team for many years. Ray, M Flanagan, J Walker, Steve and Jeri; they always are pushing the envelope of design, performance and improving reliability to its limits with their products. I would like to believe that I'm considered a small part of the family now, Lol. I am currently using 4 of the Linear Power 2250's in my system. 1 for the linear power 6.5 two way passive components and the other 3 powering my 3 old school Cerwin Vega Stroker 18's. I don't compete but do demo at shows on a regular basis. I can't say enough positive things about the product, it's performance or the company's ability to exceed service expectations. All I can honestly say is thanks.
    Keith Payne
    Mobile Al.

    June 2015
    Who just got a 45 minute demo in the Linear Power Escape........ THIS GUY. And let me tell you this vehicle will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about big speakers and bigger power. The level of clarity, the accents on the subtle nuances of a song, the power of EVERY instrument, and the shear magnitude of what this equipment can (and does) do is absolutely mind blowing. If u think you can't get massive performance and clarity from....and get this.... 2 tweets, 2 6.5s, and 1 (that's right ONE) 8, you are sadly mistaken (in a Ford Escape). Most guys would put 4 subs and 5k watts in this thing.....guess point. If i could have I would have walked away from Chris Zenner Mobile Electronics with a car full of LP and been MORE than happy.
    Thanks for the demo Ray Rayfield.
    Tim Reams
    Claysville Pa.

    My journey into the Linear Power world began from the intention to build the ultimate "stock built" competition Sound Quality vehicle. After trying many brands and combinations, there wasn't a 6.5" mid woofer that would do everything up front nor an amplifier to make the speaker do it right at a relatively high and realistic listening level. Additionally, a tweeter that would couple low enough with the woofer to ensure a high stage and yet deliver the diminishing shimmers from the high hats, was very high on my shopping list. The deciding factor that led me into trying the Linear Power systems was after I tried the LP952. An amplifier that was probably older than I was at that time. I used the LP952 active on my tweeters located in the A Pillar and experienced an immediate increase in stage width and detail in the upper frequency range. I then contacted Ray Rayfield and ordered a LP 6.5 Active Set, LP 2150 and LP 2250 amplifiers. After stock installation with a little door prep, I was blown away. Real music at Real Levels with excellent imaging and staging. The amplifiers had loads of head room and an extremely low noise floor through the entire listening range while maintaining the dynamics of the music. So am i saying that the Linear Power equipment is perfect? I am starting to believe so. I will strongly recommend the equipment to the person who is in pursuit of great sound.
    Aarian Hosein
    SQ Audio / MECA TT Event Director
    Trinidad and Tobago
    Tel: 1-868-746-1234

    There's much to say for a company that makes the ultimate sacrifice of not conforming to the norm. Making a stand not just for the good of the customer or a brand, but what truly defines movement of this industry to begin with. Something they have never lost focus on. The first amplifier I ever bought was an LP 452IQ from Mrs. Woods herself at Wood's Stereo back in early '90s. The simplistic matter of achieving deep and rich character of the reproduction of music has always been the LP drive to success. I've never been dissatisfied with an LP product. I've been able to test and hear many products over the 20 years of being in the auto sound competition field as well. There is no other American built and based auto sound company in the world that can stand on there past and current products to continue perform flawlessly. These product have always had the ability to grow and upgrade with the customer as they wish. This is only because the LP engineering department is always trying to come closer to having recording studio sound qulity and ability in its products. They make the best for themselves and give it right to the customer. The new 2075 line is the best SQ I have ever heard. I got to test and listen to a set up of two of these amps on a set of the LP 6.5 components, one LP 8", and a Kenwood head unit for 30+ hrs. Mind you no outside processing units were used. From rock, hip hop, jazz, country, classical, to gospel; you would think it was 3000 watts, but it was only 150 watts. This amp was heard by a professional sound engineer and owner of award winning recording studio Omega Labs and he said once he listened to a few of his own tracks, "Now I could record an album in this truck."
    I'm so proud to be a supporter of a company that takes customers' values and worth as not to please the company profit shares, but always to please the first source of pleasure. Our ears...
    Johnathan B. Esters
    An Ear Candy Fan
    Est. '92

    I have known Ray for years. Oddly I hadn't ever listened to his Escape until 2015 Finals in Huntsville, Al. There was something about it I can't quite explain. I mean we all know dynamics, low noise floor, and low distortion, all of which his system excels at. But it was the absence of noise which was more like a vacuum of sound when there was no sound. Just really phenomenal sound. Also Ray has been doing my repairs for quite awhile. He does the best repairs of any facility I have seen, and I have always been very happy with the price. He has always bent over backwards to take care of me. I suggest him to everyone.
    Ed Rice
    Camden Arkansas

    I want to publicly thank Ray Rayfield for taking a road trip with me yesterday. He let me drive the Linear Power Ford Escape for about 10 hours and we played music full tilt nearly the whole time. One of the best days I've ever had. I also got to share the truck with my friends. I'm sure he has no idea how much it meant to me to get the opportunity to spend quality time learning from him and getting to sample what is undoubtedly the best sounding stereo system (home or car) I've ever heard. After 25 years of building, designing, competing, and listening to as many of the best cars as I could get close to I have to say that vehicle is doing all the things I've been told a stereo should do. And in such a way as to put an experience with the written definitions of perfection. It was like seeing the face of someone I've only spoken to on the phone for nearly 3 decades. When we're told the stage should extend outside the vehicle mirrors or be up at eye level or extend out onto the hood or when the image shouldn't waiver or move around as volume increases. I've applied those definitions to vehicles but never actually heard them made into real life. The level of detail and openness in the escape is not just beyond what I've heard before but wayyyyy beyond. The thing that struck me so hard was that it didn't just sound like that at "listening" volumes. It stayed solid at volumes no one should listen to for long.
    Robert Moon of Greenville SC

    I’ve known Ray Rayfield and the Linear Power brand for years as a long time competitor, builder, sound judge and general music lover. When it came time to build a new system for my personal vehicle, I approached Ray about amplification. He was in the process of bringing a new line of amplifiers to market (the 2075’s) an he was very excited about them. If you’re looking for built in crossovers or DSP, look elsewhere because these Linear amps take the space and money other manufacturers use for those “features” and use it for top of the line components to provide the most bulletproof amp you will ever own. This line of Liner Power amplifiers are built to provide the cleanest, most accurate sound reproduction in the most efficient A/B package you can buy. If you don’t believe me, listen to any Linear powered vehicle and hear the difference for yourself.
    Tim of Northwest Arkansas

    Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting Ray Rayfield & listening to the Linear Power Escape. I've been a musician all my life, recorded in countless recording studios, mixed Front Of House for many bands on some incredible pa systems, I was a mobile installer for 10+ years, and have listened to vehicles with tons of gear and money invested, but I've never heard a vehicle sound the way that truck does. The accuracy and detail rival multi-million dollar recording studios. To be honest, if the truck was mine, I'd mix my next album in it instead of my own studio! The words, "accurate", "clean" & "detailed" merely begin to describe the way it sounds. The imaging is incredible, several times during the demo, I would close my eyes & I could place every instrument on stage. I was hearing things I've never heard in the recordings before! As a drummer, I naturally focus on the drum sound, and I was hearing some incredible tone that you don't typically hear in anything but the most expensive studio monitors. The subtle nuances were reproduced so cleanly it was incredible! At low volume or high volume, the system never lost it's detail, got harsh, fatigue my ears, or felt like it was running "out of gas". The only thing I can really say about my experience yesterday is mind=blown! Thank you Ray, & Robert for the opportunity to experience that vehicle!
    Matt of Myrtle Beach SC

    As a long time user of Linear Power products, I've only recently had Ray upgrade several (well, 5 amps now) of my Linear Power amplifiers with the recommended performance modifications. I wasn't expecting too much of a noticeable improvement but the changes were VERY perceptible - and don't just include an increase in output.The sound is more open and natural without any harshness, even at high volumes. Perfect for today's digital world where many systems sound harsh due to MP3's and other digital formats/artefacts. I would equate the modifications to someone taking the governor off a high-output engine. Unbridled output! I wish I had my whole Linear Power collection modded years ago!
    Eric of Louisville, KY

    Linear Power.....what can I say? I purchased my first Linear Power amp back in 1987, a 1752, which is still in use today. They are bulletproof.I have had several Linear amps modified by TIPS and all I can say is WOW! When I send them in to be modified they are merely wonderful amplifiers that have a natural, warm sound and when they come back they are even better than wonderful. They are amazing! There are details in the music that I didn't know were there with other amps, and the service is ALWAYS top notch. TIPS has a very fast turnaround, they are very professional to work with, and they really care about music and educating the customer. I have learned a lot from them over the years and they have modified every Linear Power piece I own, which consists of 16 amps and 8 processors. Each piece I have sent them comes back better than before, and they are always very professional.
    Richard of Ozark, MO

    Dear Linear power / TIPS,
    I just wanted to write you and let you know how much I appreciate the service and technical support I have received with your product.Although late in the game with the linear equipment I have tracked down enough to do all 3 of my vehicles. From the beginning to the IQ amps to the HV series in my cars, Tips has been a great help in finding many of these amps and processors. I am convinced that these are the best products ever built for car audio. I have nothing but praise for the factory equipment. Now...... the modified equipment as performed by TIPS...... Oh my! All I can say is awesome. After countless emails, phone calls, pestering Ray with questions and idea after idea.With TIPS recommendations and help, I now have the setup that I almost came to tears with. The detail, accuracy and smooth tone that came with the Burr Brown upgrade to the PA2 and the XO-3 combo is nothing short of amazing. I must compliment you on making this mod available. Great Job! I look forward to many more projects with this equipment, and the mods. What more could you want, spectacular product, excellent tech support with the possibility to upgrade. What a concept. Thanks for such a great experience. Listen with your ears!
    Doug Manville of Fremont, CA

    Hey guys. As an owner and user of Linear Power for the last 20+years I just wanted to express my appreciation and joy that you have kept the legend alive. It's great that one of the greatest car audio brands will continue to receive support thanks to the efforts of a professional team such as yours. I bought my LP gear from Kimball's Mobile Electronics in Savannah, GA and always received tremendous support from Mike and the guys. Earned a few Alpine CAN trophies thanks to Kimball's and LP. Part of that credit goes to TIPS for the upgrades on my 5002 and 3002 back in the late 80's. Any word on what happened to the leftover stock from the closure? Thanks for all the help.
    Jesse Williams of Savannah, GA

    I have known Jimmy and Ray for a very long time. They are awesome. True gentlemen and sportsmen. If I had to select someone who best represents our industry based on sportsmanship, showmanship, and helping people - it would be these two. Talk about the quiet, unsung heroes of car audio.
    Alma Gates of Phoenix, AZ

    To Ray and TIPS Inc.,
    It's been a pleasure doing business with you over the past 8+ years. Product selection and services have always been excellent...not to mention the extremely fast turnaround! Whether it was an old house amp, deck or eq for the car, they always come back working like brand new, if not better...
    The performance upgrades and mods you've done on all my Linear Power equipment are very impressive -- from the 4.1hvs to the burr brown upgrades on the processors. They've served me quite well!I'd recommend anyone doing business with TIPS. If i ever need to hunt down a product, some troubleshooting or technical advice, you're the first person I call. Look forward to future business!
    Thank you,
    Marcus o Fremont, CA

    TIPS is one of the most professional "Straight Shooters" in the business of electronics. Ray's extensive knowledge of electronics and Linear Power is unmatched by anyone I have ever dealt with. He has modified numerous Linear Power products for me with phenominal results, without the efforts of Ray and the TIPS crew Linear Power would be defunct completely. Thanks alot!
    Sheldon Mason of Great Falls, MT

    Your service is great, turn-around time incredible, all of my amps you serviced are first rate!! Communication was excellent!!
    Thank You, again!!
    Kevin Hickey of Mt. Pleasant, MI

    I have known the guys from TIPS years before I used any Linear Power product. They have been straight shooting, honest people from day one. I know that if I call down there, and ask a question, that I will be getting nothing but the truth.The quality of service that you receive from TIPS is second to none. These guys treat you like family from the start. On the rare occasions that I have had an amp serviced by them, the repair was done in a very timely and professional manner. In fact, if it wasn’t for TIPS, I would be missing one amp today. I was able to recover a stolen amp because of the folks at TIPS. And that kind of service speaks volumes about the quality of people working there.
    Jason Winslow of Kings Mountain, North Carolina

    I have owned and used all Linear power products for quite some time now. They continue to perform flawlessly. I am quite confident they will continue to do so for many years to come. After speaking to Sam with Linear Power and Ray, I was quite confident that I made the proper choice for equipment in my system. They were absolutely correct. I was not interested in amplifiers that contained crossovers Etc. Just a amplifier with no bells and whistles. Exactly what Linear Power has provided since the start.I was a bit skeptical PA2 into my system. After speaking to Ray at some length I decided to give it a try. I was just plain stunned when I hooked it up. Soundstage opened up, dynamic range was improved and everything just sounded more natural. I really did not think there was much to improve on. Then I asked Ray which LP product of mine he recommended upgrading first, he said my PA2. After the modifications, the entire system sounded better than ever. The sound just seemed to open up more.After dealing with quite a few people in this industry over the years,I feel Ray is absolutely one of the very best in the industry if not the best. I have been speaking to him for many years now. He is extremely professional, knowledgeable and just a plain nice person to deal with. Ray has been absolutely correct about everything we have spoken about regarding my system and LP products. From helping me decide which LP products to get in the first place, choosing a HU, tracking some noise issues down that I had and giving me some outstanding instructions for setting gains Etc. I certainly hope he will include this on the Linear Power Web. site. Yes, Ray is the most knowledgeable person about LP products other than Sam. Let's just hope Ray brings LP back for the ashes and brings them back very soon. He is the best person and the only person in the world that can do this and do it properly.
    Thank you,
    Mathew Livingston of Sonoma CA

    Thought you might find this interesting. I work at a small 12V audio/communications company that mainly makes OEM products for extreme environments like snowmobiles, ATVs, motorcycles, etc. We do a lot of speaker, headset, amplifier testing. (OEMs are ALWAYS looking for better performance and better costs). We have done a lot of listening tests and comparisons. This morning I setup a listening test. Source is a Alpine 7990. Speakers are a pair of custom 2-way monitors using SEAS drivers and custom x-overs (very nice). Amplifiers were the modded 1002's. I had 6 people listen to this setup, only swapping out the 1002's. 5 out of 6 people picked the 1002 just updated by you as sounding "better". Punchier low end and smoother high end at high volumes were the most common responses. The differences were subtle but they were also perceptible to the majority of people. So much for the Richard Clark $10,000 challenge...
    I know most differences in power amplifiers are small and probably difficult to hear while riding down the highway at 80mph but I (and many others) can hear diffences, especially with dynamic sources. After hearing of my love of Linear Power and many listening tests with 12V audio amplifiers, our office reference stereo amp is one of my Ray-modded 1752's. My other modded 1002 is its way to you for the same upgrades. Thanks for offering such perceptible upgrades and service for the Linear Power line.
    Eric Weber of Nashville, TN

    I've used the Top brands of amps and the top brands of speakers in over 20 different installs for myself. I always remembered my first though, Linear Power! I got to wondering what ever happened to Linear Power and found the TIPs website. When I saw Ray was keeping these amps alive I decided to do a retro install and let Ray make sure my amps were ready to do the job. I called this man up on the phone and told him I was using the JL 1000/1 amps because I wanted to make sure he knew I was used to higher quality gear when he made his recommendations. He recommended the Linear Power 8002sw. Since these are rated to do less power I was skeptical that these amps would keep up or even meet my expectations. Everything I was reeling on was old memories and Ray's advice. Because I was skeptical I had Ray do mods on the 8002sw amps I bought from him. The amps looked like brand new when I got them and he packaged them up and shipped them insured to guarantee they arrived safely! So far so good but what do they sound like? Man oh man! Let me tell you something right now! Perfection! I don't know who these car audio manufactures think they are fooling but all of these improvements in car audio and wonderful looking specifications do not and I repeat do not compare to the Linear Power 8002sw I got from Ray with these modifications. I wish I could tell you that I heard them before and after but I am glad I have the after because these amps are musical, musical amps that also do some serious SPL too!
    Thank you, Thank you!
    Frank & Laura Wolak - Port Charlotte, FL

    Well you have another very satisfied customer!!! I bought a 1752s from TIPS that was converted to 2 channel and than modded and had never hooked it up except to make sure it works. Let me tell you I picked up a stock 2202 and what I thought was a stock X03 crossover and decided it was time to see what a modded 1752 sounds like. Well the setup I have right now is 2 old small home speakers and an old home made 12 box from my truck running off a power supply in my garage. I know real cheesy but you would not believe how well this sounds. The detail and clarity is amazing. The instruments and vocals all have there own place in the music!! I could not believe what I was hearing so I looked inside the X03 and the chips all said opa so I emailed TIPS and he confirmed that it indeed had the Burr Brown modification. These TIPS modified items simply rock!! Now I wish the 2202 was modded and I had a modded pa2. Keep up the outstanding work guys. If anyone would like more info about my modded items can email me at
    Thanks again,
    Matthew From The Evergreen State

    This past October, I sent a 1502IQ over to you to be repaired and modified. I finally had a chance to replace my non-modified 1502IQ and let me tell you, it sounds MUCH better. I thought the unmodified 1502IQ sounded great to begin with and the modified amp sounds even better! My girlfriend knew I was changing out my subwoofers to go back to a single 10” sub, but I didn’t tell her that I had changed out the amplifier on my mids and highs. When she first sat in the car, she asked me what was different, because the music sounded “crisper”. Then next, she asked me if I had replaced my component speakers. I told her NO. Then she insisted that I tell her what was different because it sounds so much better. Finally, I told her that I changed the amplifier on the mids and highs. I don’t know how you made it better, but you did! I am hoping to send some more amplifiers to you for modification very soon!
    THANKS for the great sound!
    Chris B. from Lafayette, La

    I just wish more people would just give Linear Power a try, as I know, they won’t be no where near sorry. But then they would be an even higher demand and that’s probably a negative for the real fans as we can barely afford them. Now that I have 11 Linear Power (most with the TO3's) and not even being modded they sound amazing and out of this world. I could only dream and imagine how they would sound after being handed to Robert. Robert Rayfield is really great and answers even the dumbest questions, but always gives an honest educated answer. I will never never ever go back to any other brand other than LP.
    Thanks, from a true LP fan/owner Ricardo Vazquez.

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