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  • Linear Power Products Modification Rates

    Even the best amplifiers can perform and sound better with a little help. Here's what you can expect:
    These modifications improve dynamics, channel separation, musical detail and information. You can also expect a greater signal to noise ratio, better sound stage and image, smoother midrange, more natural overall sound, more headroom and damping factor, softer clipping, extended low end response and more power output.
    The power supply fets are changed to parts with double the current capability of the factory devices, the storage capacitors are changed to parts with over double the storage and filtering than the stock components. The transformer's current and voltage capabilities are also increased. The pre-amp and output stages are also refined and improved with various additional parts and part changes to improve the overall sonic capability of the amp.

    DPS-200 / LP50$135.00
    DPS-350 / LP100$165.00
    DPS-500 / LP150$195.00
    XO-3 Crossover$125.00
    4.1HVS / 8002SW$175.00
    502HV / 5002 / 5002IQ / 3.2HV$175.00
    2.2HV / 2502IQ / 2202 / 2202IQ / 1752$150.00
    952IQ / 992IQ$135.00
    452 / 452IQ / 652 / 652IQ$125.00
    Heatsink Refurbish*
    (Stripping and Re-Coloring in PowderCoating
    covers most minor scratches and dents
    Stock and Custom Colors available)
    Custom Mods
    Built to suit a particular use will be quoted on each unit
    and may vary from normal modification rates
    Additional models may be able to modified, rates are available upon request
    *Heat sink Refurbish takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks. Dents are straightened prior to Powder Coating. Pricing is according to size of heat sink

    Reliability or longevity of the product is not reduced by these modifications, in most cases it even improves the reliability. These were the ONLY factory approved modifications in the industry. The factory warranty was even extended to cover modified units.
    These modifications DO NOT decrease the impedance capability of the amplifiers and the stock impedance loads MUST still be observed!

    If you need to send your Linear Power product in for modifications, PRINT OUT AND COMPLETE THIS FORM

    Carefully package the unit with the form and send it to:
    If shipping with the USPS:
    Linear Power, Inc.
    PO Box 101
    D'Lo MS 39062

    If shipping with any other carrier (UPS, Fedex, etc):
    Linear Power, Inc.
    241 South Poplar Street
    D'Lo MS 39062

    Shipping and Insurance costs to send the unit to T.I.P.S. is the responsibility of the customer. It is HIGHLY recommended that insurance for the full replacement value of your item be purchased from your shipper. T.I.P.S. will NOT be responsible for items that never arrive or that are damaged in shipment due to poor packaging. Please package your equipment well.

    Shipments will be by UPS ground unless other wise requested, the customer is responsible for any and all shipping charges, this includes additional charges for foreign shipments or shipments to Alaska or Hawaii. Shipping, Handling and insurance charges will apply to each repair or modification due to increased shipping costs. Shipping fees are determined on weight and your location.

    Payment can be made by major credit card over the phone, or electronically through Paypal. Other accepted forms of payment are cashiers/bank check or money order, but you will have a postal delay. Personal or business checks are accepted but you are subject to a possible 15-day delay in processing and clearing of the check once the check arrives to us.

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