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  • LP10.-4© and LP10.-8©

    Designed and built here in the USA.

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    ModelSpeaker TypePower Handling*Frequency Range (Hz)Resonant Freq. (Fs)Sensitivity dB (2.83V/1M)ImpedanceDC Resistance (Re)Xmax one directionVas (liters)Piston Area-Sq. In. (Sd)QesQmsQts
    LP10.-4©/LP10.-8©Subwoofer150 Watts20Hz - 2KHz32Hz92.5dB4/83.46mm56.83350.27.4408.095.418
    * Assumes unclipped signal


    Minimum Recommended Enclosure**Cutout Diameter (Decimal Inches)Cutout Diameter (Fractional Inches)Mounting Depth (Inches)***
    1.00 cubic feet9.125"9 1/8"4.4"
    ** Tailor this to your needs. For ported enclosures add ~20% volume and tune accordingly *** Speakers with vented pole need at least 1" clearance for cooling

    The Linear Power™ LP10. subwoofer has a lot of things going for it:
    It has a low Fs for its size at 32 Hz
    High efficiency at 90dB
    Butyl surround and rigid dust cap
    Flat spider to prevent popping noise and bottoming out under high excursion
    Molded rubber gasket that makes sure your don't have trouble with sealing the speaker basket to its enclosure

    Now after that list of nice features the important question; does it sound good? Absolutely! Give the LP10. at least 1.1 cubic feet in a sealed enclosure and you'll be rewarded with a subwoofer that can play extremely low while being capable of quick transients and tight bass. This is not a brutish spl woofer but rather a fine instrument for building the foundation of your music.

    All Linear Power™ woofers can be used in sealed or ported enclosures. Ported enclosures need to have 20% more air space plus the port. This can be adjusted based on your needs.

    With such a low Fs you know it will shake your vehicle on the lowest of notes. In a properly sized enclosure the LP10. will play down to 20Hz.

    The same push button terminals as the LP65 and LP8 but mounted on the same side. They still easily accept up to 8 awg wire in each terminal.

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