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  • Purchasing Linear Power™ Products

    Linear Power™ has a very strong comittment to supporting your local Authorized Dealers. We recommend purchasing products from your local retailer when possible. We understand that there isn't always an Authorized Dealer in your area. If this is the case, please contact us via email: or call (601) 932-8477 to speak to one of the Linear Power™ team. You may also request that a local retailer become a new Authorized Dealer and we will be happy to reach out to your favorite location.

    Below is the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Pricing (MSRP) for all current Linear Power™ products.
    ** Please note that all prices listed are for the continental United States (lower 48) International pricing may vary **

    Please click the photo for specifications and details.


    PhotoModel #DescriptionMSRP
    LP2075©Power Amplifier: 2 X 75 Watts RMS @ 12.8v and 4ohm$1325.99ea
    LP2150©Power Amplifier: 2 X 150 Watts RMS @12.8v and 4ohm$1799.99ea
    LP2250©Power Amplifier: 2 X 250 Watts RMS @12.8v and 4ohm$2349.99ea


    PhotoModel #DescriptionMSRP
    LP6.5-4©6.5" 4ohm woofer$279.99ea
    LP8.0-4©8" 4ohm Subwoofer$329.99ea
    LP8.0-8©8" 8ohm Subwoofer$329.99ea
    LP10.-4©10" 4ohm Subwoofer$359.99ea
    LP10.-8©10" 8ohm Subwoofer$359.99ea
    ISO-KIT8©8" ISO-KIT™ Subwoofer$829.99ea
    ISO-KIT10©10" ISO-KIT™ Subwoofer$929.99ea


    PhotoModel #DescriptionMSRP


    PhotoModel #DescriptionMSRP
    LP4.0©4" Midrange$134.99ea
    LP5.2©5 1/4" Midrange$199.99ea

    Component Sets

    PhotoModel #DescriptionMSRP
    LP4.0CP©4" Passive Component Set w/Crossover Network$729.99set
    LP5.2CP©5 1/4" Passive Component Set w/Crossover Network$849.99set
    LP5.2CA©5 1/4" Active Component Set w/Compensation Network$849.99set
    LP6.5CP©6 1/2" Passive Component Set w/Crossover Network$1019.99set
    LP6.5CA©6 1/2" Active Component Set w/Compensation Network$1019.99set
    LP8.0CP©8" Passive Component Set w/Crossover Network$1079.99set
    LP8.0CA©8" Active Component Set w/Compensation Network$1079.99set

    Shipping is calculated according to your location at the time of the purchase and will be shipped UPS ground and fully insured, unless otherwise specified.

    Payment can be made by major credit card over the phone, or electronically through Paypal. Other accepted forms of payment are cashiers/bank check or money order, but you will have a postal delay. Personal or business checks are accepted but you are subject to a possible 15-day delay in processing and clearing of the check once the check arrives to us.

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